A proven and fun way to learn the multiplication table
up to 100

for ages 8+

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Educational games that get children truly involved

Grabowski Math Cards Multiplication Table are a set of unique playing cards and fun games that help teach the multiplication table (up to 100).

Both parents and teachers consider Grabowski Math Cards, which have been nearly 25 years on the market, as the #1 choice to teach multiplication to school children.

one set of cards, many games to play
created with feedback from children
for children aged 8+
to play at home and at school
24 years on the

One set of cards, many games to play

The Grabowski Math Cards Multiplication Table set includes a booklet with a variety of card games fit for every child to enjoy playing with friends and family.

Games for one or more players

The various games have been designed for a different number of players – some can be played by one child and others by two or more players.

Games to play at home and at school

Most of the games can be played both at home and in class, although several games have been designed for play mainly at school as sports and team games.

Games with various levels of difficulty

The games have different levels of difficulty, so they can be played by children that are just starting to
learn how to multiply and by those with more advanced multiplication skills.

Games for different children

The games can be selected with a child's personality and disposition in mind – with a variety of relaxing,
dynamic, timed and emotionally-charged games.

Why are Grabowski Math Cards Multiplication Table so unique?

Grabowski Math Cards are different than other card games because children learn the multiplication table through play, seemingly effortlessly, as this type of learning has nothing to do with tedious learning by heart. The card games get children truly involved, motivated to do better and encourage those children that find it hard to learn the multiplication table truly interested in math. Grabowski Math Cards are so fun that children will eagerly want to play the card games even on their own!

teach children through play
get parents and children involved
allow children to learn at their own pace
provide fun and exciting games
help children with lower math skills

Grabowski Math Cards have a unique graphic design

Grabowski Math Cards Multiplication Table, thanks to their graphic design, effectively teach multiplication through fun games. The set includes a deck of black cards with multiplication facts written out using two numbers and a deck of red cards with the answers to those facts. Each multiplication fact is pictorially represented by a grid of squares. This helps children understand that multiplication is commutative, and even those children who have not yet mastered the multiplication table can play the card games.

Who created Grabowski Math Cards?

Grabowski Math Cards were created in 1996 by Andrzej Grabowski, a math teacher from Poland who wanted children to be able to learn the multiplication table in a fun and easy way. With his many years of experience in teaching, Grabowski knew that children could accomplish and learn much more by playing fun and competitive games, and that is how his idea of using card games to teach math evolved.



What comes in the
Grabowski Math Cards Multiplication Table

The Grabowski Math Cards Multiplication Table set includes 2 decks of cards, 2 multiplication table charts and a booklet with 11 fun games and helpful instructions.

EUR 19.00


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